Final Prototype & live demonstration @SeaDrone

Today at the #SeaDrone Tech Summit 2019 in Ostia (Rome) we are proud to present our final prototype of the SARA #tetheredDrone solution, complete with its hangar. We also made a live demonstration of the SARA system. This system is capable of detecting a small boat at the horizon at a distance of up to […]

The SARA Project is the main sponsor of the Sea Drone Tech Summit 2019

On the 29-30th of October, #theSARAProject will participate in The Sea Drone Tech Summit 2019. This event brings together the top Italian experts in the RPAS sector for maritime operations to present projects and new technologies and create partnerships and business opportunities. We will be giving a presentation about the SARA system and demonstrating the […]

SARA test activity using GNSS RTK receivers

Following the successful completion of the autonomous flight testing in Italy, the SARA consortium partners in Denmark have made further progress in the SARA drone development. The new test activity proofed the ability of the SARA drone to estimate the distance in real-time between a moving maritime vessel or track and a tethered drone using […]

Successful first tests of SARA tethered drone autonomous flight function: following a car

Caserta, Italy, 29th of July 2019 New tests were successfully conducted today in #Caserta for The SARA project #H2020! The tests were performed to experience the SARA tethered drone during an autonomous flight, following a car equipped with a SARA hangar integrated with GNSS receiver (including Galileo). Galileo receivers onboard of the SARA drone allow […]

DG Growth delegation visit to GSA

Prague, GSA premises, June 11th 2019. The SARA project has been presented as a successful story during the visit of DG GROWTH director Timo Pesonen to GSA director Carlo Des Dorides. Marco Nisi and Alberto Mennella introduced the solution and presented a demonstration to show how the SARA tethered drone can be used for surveillance […]

SARA presented at Frontex workshop – Great solution for border surveillance

Warsaw, June 27th 2019, Frontex premises The #theSARAproject consortium was invited to present its #tethereddrone solution at the #Frontex workshop for EU funded border security research projects. Thank you, Frontex for providing the opportunity to share our project with your #EU member states. The workshop was attended by 20 participants from 9 member states.We are […]

The aim of the SARA project – Search and Rescue Aid and Surveillance

The aim of the SARA project – Search and Rescue Aid and Surveillance using High EGNSS Accuracy – is to design a specialist solution based on the existing prototype to be used in the activity of the Maritime Search and Rescue Service (SAR) as well as surveillance of maritime areas. The focus of the project […]