DG Growth delegation visit to GSA

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The Sara Project

Prague, GSA premises, June 11th 2019.

The SARA project has been presented as a successful story during the visit of DG GROWTH director Timo Pesonen to GSA director Carlo Des Dorides. Marco Nisi and Alberto Mennella introduced the solution and presented a demonstration to show how the SARA tethered drone can be used for surveillance purposes, also in an urban environment. Special thanks to our colleague and friend Jakub Karas from Upvision, who supported us by obtaining authorisation to fly from Czech CAA and to the Prague 7 municipality allowing us to perform the demonstration in front of GSA entrance. We could not have achieved such results without the help of #H2020 program and European GNSS Agency that believed in this idea from the very beginning! It was a privilege for us to present our consortium results, not only in terms of growing business, but also in terms of new job positions created.

Thank you all for this opportunity!

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This project has received funding from the European GNSS Agency (grant agreement No 776099), under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme GALILEO-3-2017.


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