he SARA project is an Innovation Action initiative in which partners with different backgrounds, missions, markets, operational processes and approaches are asked to join their know-how and their efforts to achieve common objectives.


is a private company with twenty years of experience in Information & Technology providing solutions to Public and Private Company in Italian and abroad.

Highly skilled resources for realtime and distributed systems, big data analytics and specific algorithms implementation work in 3 software farms for turn-key projects development and delivery and offer specific competence for mobility, telematics, aerospace and energy management.

Sistematica S.p.A., a company with 11 million annual revenues. In July 2017 is part of the S.M.R.E. group ( , worldwide operating in the field of mechatronics, telematics, energy storages and electrical mobility.
The company is composed by 5 business lines:

  • Aerospace, including:
    • Satellite imagery production infrastructure (Support data management, Multimission catalogue management, Product archive management, Workflow of production management, Product distribution)
    • System engineering services (Satellite systems design, Design of the system validation phase, System validation)
    • Risk Management and Quality Assurance (Specific know how in the ECSS standard, Specific know how in the managing of risk management)
    • Satellite payload calibration systems (Management of on board sensor calibration processors, Management of the calibration parameters to be provided to processors)
    • Satellite Networks Monitoring (Design and implementation of satellite network monitoring systems, e.g. GALILEO monitoring)
  • Energy Management, including
    • Optimization of energy production systems (forecast of consumption and expected production taking into account all parameters about equipment and environment, Analysis of deviations & reporting)
    • Automation and optimization of production cycles (Remote diagnostics by field and line equipment, Equipment revamping, Process Reengineering & Automation, Integration with maintenance management system)
    • Smart Grids (Optimization of interfacing with distribution networks, Energy islands with intelligent sorting of production and consumption among the various network components)
    • Energy Saving (Energy audits and consultancy, Energy efficiency)
    • Smart Lighting (Production of LED lighting devices with very high efficiency (180 lm/W) and lifetime (10 years), Wireless telecontrol, for monitoring and controlling light flows, Smart cities services
  • Digital Transformation, including
    • Document Automation (Multichannel acquisition (dematerialization), Automation of information flows (workflow), Digital preservation
    • CRM & Social collaboration (Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise social network, Messaging, Web conferencing (audio/video))
    • Digital experience (Multichannel portals, Analysis and statistics of access to sites and portals, Web access to legacy systems, Mobile APP development)
    • ERP e Information Systems (Integrated management systems (Microsoft NAV platform), Business Intelligence, Directional dashboards)
    • Data Analytics (Automated (Cognitive) analysis of data & Machine Learning, Big data, Business analytics, Driving behaviour analytics, Advanced reporting)
  • Cloud & Security, including
    • IT Security (SSL Certificate & secure email, Data protection, Data privacy, Network security solutions, Identity & Access management)
    • Cloud & IT infrastructure (Virtualization of physical environments, Private, public and hybrid cloud implementation, Infrastructure Management Service, Workplace management, System & Network management)
    • Data Center (Data Center project plan, Hw architecture (rack, server, storage, network devices), Air conditioning, UPS, access control, environment control, Video surveillance)
    • Virtualization and backup (Virtualization, Hypervisor migration, High availability and fault tolerance, Backup, remote replication & Disaster Recovery
    • Digital Certificates (Certified Regional Partner GlobalSign, To provide certificate management platform: Organizations SSL, Domain SSL, Extended SSL, Multi-domain SAN and WildCard, CodeSigning, Individual Personal Sign S/MIME)
  • Mobility and Telematics
    • Geolocation & Remote Diagnostics (Operating machines
    • Railways transportation, Waste compacting and transportation, Fleet management, Asset management, Fleet management for UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle))
    • Personal Location & Field Service (Field service management, Family care & peace of mind, Pet tracking)
    • Internet Of Things (Integrated solutions for HEALTH, HOME & CAR, Health Tracking, Smart Home)
    • Electric & Shared Mobility (Software platforms for electric charging network management, Software systems for battery swapping solutions, Electric car sharing)
    • Automotive (Connected vehicle, Driving behaviour analytics, Drive coaching)

Maritime University of Szczecin

Akademia Morska w Szczecinie AM (Maritime University of Szczecin) is a state technical university with over a 60-year-old tradition. The university refers to the tradition of all previously active maritime schools in Szczecin. Maritime University of Szczecin is education-research public university focused mostly on training of highly specialized marine related staff and seafarers (both navigational and engineering). The graduates are specialists prepared to work for ships and offshore industry. AM consist of three faculties (Navigational, Engineering and Transportation-Economic) has around 300 academic stuff and on 9 specializations almost 4000 students a year. AM is one of the best-equipped maritime universities in the world.

Our project team (Marine Traffic Engineering research team) has several years of experience in conducting research in the field of port planning and optimization (main successes in this field are LNG outer port planning in Świnoujście as first full scale LNG terminal on the Baltic Sea, Ystad ferry port modernisation), navigation safety, navigation systems development, navigation risk management and marine oil spills risk management. Our team possess own modern research-training vessel the m/s Nawigator XXI and 3 full mission ship simulators (Kongsberg, Transas and own make) that can be used in the project as a simulation test bed. AM team have experience in navigational risk assessment and management in costal sea areas in respect to collision and grounding also with AIS data use.  MTE is developing software for safety assessment such as ship simulators and ship traffic simulation models One of the team invention (portable laser docking station – gold medal in 2012 Innova Fairs) is now operable in Koper Port (Slovenia) and is planned to be further implemented. MTE has participated in several EU funded projects such as Baltic Master – Interreg IV (2006) and Baltic Master II – Baltic Sea Region (2011); EfficienSea – Baltic Sea Region (2011); Martech – South Baltic Sea Region (2013), MARSIC – Project Europe Aid (2012), SBOil – South Baltic Sea Region (2017).

The AM team have completed REP-SAIL 2014-2016  (ERA NET TRANSPORT III) project under the development of a construction of a sailing yacht with modern composite materials fuelled alternatively from renewable energy sources. AM was responsible for: design of power line system and to make it ready for integration, design of control, automation systems and make them ready for integration, supporting Coordinator in developing hull composite structure, developing power generation systems and procuring components, developing control, steering and navigation system and prepare them for integration.

TopView SRL

is a SME limited company in the form of “innovative start-up” founded in 2013 to explore the new growing market of remote piloted aircraft systems (RPAS); its mission is focused on study, research and development of autonomous remote piloted robots for aerial, maritime and terrestrial applications. In the first semester of 2017 is foreseen the transformation from “innovative start-up “ to “Innovative SME”, the share capital increase and the acquisition of ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification. TopView activities are focused both on high added value services and on design and development of innovative products (especially sensors), considering the R&D background of its associates in the aerospace industry.

The company’s vision is to use the RPAS technology to add value to traditional productive sectors, according to safety of operations, privacy of data collected during the acquisition campaigns in compliance with actual regulations of National Aviation Authority (ENAC). In this context, TopView is an active member of ASSORPAS, an Italian association registered ( in CONFINDUSTRIA that gathers companies operating in the sector of small unmanned aircraft, interceding the relationship with the institutional world.

The Innovative products include tailored solutions to enhance flight time (e.g. tethered multicopter solutions for unlimited flight time operations), VIS-TIR sensors customized for energy niches services and IOT sensors for general purpose applications.

TopView is an Italian RPAS operator authorized by NAA since 2014 for experimental activities of manufactured RPAS (in-house designed and integrated) and aerial work, certified with BNUC-STM  standard. The service provided spread from photogrammetry to thermal inspections on big Photovoltaic Plants. Moreover, different proof-of-concepts and experiments in BVLOS operations or particular VLOS scenarios have been designed, tested and validated with the endorsement of some institutional and private partners.

The head office is located in San Nicola La Strada (Caserta, Italy), a town in South-West Italy; one secondary operative office is located inside Unisannio labs in Benevento, according to a scientific collaboration agreement aimed at internships and scholarships. A third office is located in Turin where relevant activities of industrial design are performed.


The University of Florence can trace its origins to the Studium, which was established in 1321, and is one of the largest organizations for research and higher education in Italy with over 1900 tenured teaching staff and researchers, over 1600 permanent technical/administrative staff and language assistants and over 55 thousand students enrolled. The University consists of 24 departments. A large part of the yearly budget is allocated to scientific research. Recently, the University of Florence has been ranked top among Italian Universities for the distribution of national research funds. The University is renound for its high-level of research that avails from the “centres of excellence”, which attract funding and forms close relationships with other institutions. The University of Florence is one of the largest and most productive public research systems in Italy. This result is related to the number of permanent and temporary researchers working in a wide range of disciplines and scientific fields, and the numerous junior scientists in training. Due to the level of funding we receive, we have been able to participate in intensive research programmes of national and international importance in which significant scientific results have been achieved and the knowledge transferred. The researchers from the various departments of the University of Florence have at their disposal several research structures comprising interdepartmental and inter-university centres, as well as some specialized research units and laboratories.

The rise of Geology as a historical science, which began in the second half of the sixteenth century and culminated more than two centuries later, has its roots in Florence, thanks to the grand-ducal collection of the city symbol of the Renaissance, and the observations of those ingenious scholars like, among others, Leonardo da Vinci and Nicolaus Steno.


The Earth Sciences Department of the University of Firenze has been recently recognized as National Centre of Excellence for scientific research and international relationship in the Geosciences field. The department has 42 units of academic staff, 21 units of administrative staff and 130 non permanent staff such as PhD students, assistant researchers. The Earth Sciences Department of the University of Firenze is, since 2004, the official Centre of Competence of the Italian Civil Protection for Remote Sensing and Geohazards (Directive of the Italian Prime Minister of 27 February 2004; Decree of the Head of the Italian National Civil Protection Department no. 252 of 25 January 2005).

In 2008 it was entitled “World Centre of Excellence on Landslide Risk Reduction 2008-2011” by International Programme on Landslide (IPL). This recognition was confirmed in 2011 and in 2014 for the third consecutive time. The Geohazards research group, which is established at Earth Sciences Department of the University of Firenze it is one of the largest centres for scientific and technological services on geohazards in Italy, currently composed by 40 full-time employees. The group counts 2 full professors, 5 researchers, 5 technicians, 17 post-doc fellows, 10 PhD students and 3 administratives. The research group has earned a firm reputation for its practical, problem solving approach to the geosciences, which has led to the establishment of solid ties with numerous governmental agencies and private enterprises alike. The research team actively participates in international research and technological development projects in many parts of the world, in collaboration with international, national and regional organizations and agencies, such as the Italian National Research Council (CNR), the European Union, the Italian and European and US Space Agencies (ASI, ESA), the UNESCO and many others. The group has the necessary personnel, research infrastructure, field instrumentation, vehicles and administrative support essential for carrying out effective research, with a wide range of dedicated laboratory facilities supplying the advanced technical support required for the many fields of investigation covered.


Researchers of the Earth Sciences Department are engaged in numerous research projects and technological development in different areas of the world, with a long tradition of research in the Mediterranean Basin, East Africa and Latin America. The main research activities cover a broad spectrum of disciplines including (in a non exhaustive list):

  • the prediction and prevention of geological hazards (volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, floods and subsidence),
  • the exploitation and protection of natural resources (hydrocarbons, mineral deposits, water resources),
  • the study of the palaeoclimate and palaeoecology, the paleontological study of Quaternary faunas,
  • the interpretation of the genesis of the Apennines and other peri-Mediterranean mountain chains,
  • the conservation and restoration of cultural and geo-environmental heritage,
  • the study of systematic mineralogy, crystal chemistry and gemmology,
  • the study and analysis of volcanic processes.

Aarhus Univesity

Aarhus University’s ambition is to be a globally-oriented university with a commitment to excellence in research and education and a strong engagement in the development of society. Owing to its size and impressive results as a research-intensive university, Aarhus University has a strong reputation and influence across the entire spectrum of disciplines, locally, nationally and globally.

Within Aarhus University, the Dept. of MBIT (Multi Business Model Innovation & Technology), has three pillars – Research, Business Development and Education. Recently the lab of Future Technologies for Business Ecosystem Innovation (FT4BI) has been established, which acts as a bridge between technology and business. The Head of the group is Prof. Prasad. The personnel involved in this project are expert in GNSS positioning, accuracy, and integrity for various user applications. The personnel have gained experience in precise positioning of RPAS by working on the on-going EASY-PV project sanctioned by GSA under H2020 Galileo call-1.


Bip is an International Consulting Company specialized in transforming the future of large and complex business realities”.

Bip Belgium SPRL is the Brussels based company of Business Integration Partners (Bip) Group. Founded in 2003 as a spin-off from one of the major consulting firms worldwide, today Bip is recognised as one of the largest players in the European management consulting. Fourteen years after its foundation, with more than 1.500 professionals, more than 175 clients and an annual consolidated turnover of more than € 130 million in 2016, Bip is regarded as a true success story in European strategy and management consulting and as an ideal business advisor for its quality, innovation, efficiency, expertise in modernisation and development, delivered to large Corporations, Public Institutions and Agencies and International Corporations.

Bip possesses distinctive capabilities in designing and realising tangible consulting projects, merging

coherently Clients’ strategic vision, business model, and operational deployment, while fully preserving their corporate culture. Bip consultants are recognised for deep business knowledge, significant reliability and superior capacity to deliver tailor-made solutions for performance improvements. Moreover, Bip is an independent business advisor, with no conflicts of interest of sort, such as those potentially arising from advisory / auditing or advisory / software providers.

In particular, Bip is recognised as a major player and thought leader in the following competence areas:

  • Strategic and organisational consulting for Public Customers and Private large international companies;
  • Economic and financial areas of excellence in economic and business due diligence, financial assessment, development of alternative economic scenarios, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Sensitivity analysis, What-If analysis, business cases delivery and execution;
  • Capability to run effectively complex international projects, with the involvement of several stakeholders over different countries;
  • Information Technology strategy and operational governance, where Bip professionals developed innovative methodologies, frameworks and best practices.

 Bip has evolved in a large Group and developed a major global network: with six offices in Europe (Rome, Milan, Bologna, London, Madrid, Brussels), four offices in South America, one in North America, one in Africa and three in Asia / Middle East, Bip is able to support its clients globally. Bip has also established strategic and operational partnerships to cover all major markets in the world, and to provide services on a global scale. In particular, Bip’s strategic and operational partnerships have been designed with the objective of providing added value services as a single firm to worldwide Companies, ensuring professional expertise, competencies and best practices sharing, and professionals’ joint staffing.

In particular, Bip can leverage on an advanced knowledge in GNSS, EGNOS and satellite-related domains, gained through several international projects, and has a proven track record in the provision of high quality consulting services to national and international clients within a variety of industries and sectors including: Transportation, Aviation (with a focus on Air Traffic Management), Telecommunications, Civil Protection and Surveillance, and Energy.


EURODEV’s main activities are the execution of outsourced Business Development activities across Europe. Representing mostly North American companies, the company has over 20 years of experience in the field of: outsourced sales.

For the SARA project, EURODEV will put together a focused dedicated team of sales experts that will operate as the pan-European sales team for the SARA consortium, using its identity in all communications to the market.

Over the past 20 years EURODEV has worked for over 250 different companies, active in various industries, e.g.:

  • Oil & Gas / Offshore
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Energy
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Public health service

Among others, EuroDev worked for VideoRay, a US company specializing in Underwater ROVs. Operating as VideoRay’s European sales operation, EuroDev researched the market, identified appropriate opportunities and developed a sustainable business in chosen market segments. As a result, EURODEV expects to be able to quickly make connections with interested parties in the coast guard/offshore/naval market place.

Examples of specific areas of expertise that EURODEV will bring to bear for the SARA project are:

  • Development of go-to-market strategy
  • Development and customization of product literature
  • Identification of business opportunities, in all appropriate European countries
  • Quantification and qualification of business opportunities
  • Preparing and conducting sales meetings
  • Negotiating deals
  • After sales service and account management
  • Credit and collection services

This project has received funding from the European GNSS Agency (grant agreement No 776099), under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme GALILEO-3-2017.


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