Final Prototype & live demonstration @SeaDrone

Today at the #SeaDrone Tech Summit 2019 in Ostia (Rome) we are proud to present our final prototype of the SARA #tetheredDrone solution, complete with its hangar. We also made a live demonstration of the SARA system.

This system is capable of detecting a small boat at the horizon at a distance of up to 12 nautical miles and a person swimming in the night up to 700 meters from the drone, thanks to its thermal/optical payload.

SARA can be used in ‪#SearchandRescue‬ and ‪#surveillance‬ operations in maritime and other domains. Moreover, thanks the accuracy in positioning provided by the European ‪#GNSS‬ technology – ‪#Galileo‬, the system can now follow a ship autonomously in navigation without pilot intervention! We are proud to have had the chance to implement this idea with help of the ‪#H2020 ‬program after almost 2 years of hard work! ‬‬‬‬‬

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